The Pros And Cons Of Self-Study In School

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According to the article “School on Snow Days”, the writer illustrates that during snow days, schools are closing for a long time. The writer says that schools were canceled for safety reasons. However, some people are worried because there are many schools are canceled during snow days. Some school districts started to use the pilot program as a solution. The pilot program is an online schooling that allowed the learners to do schoolwork from home during snow days. Students could surf the Internet and download their schoolwork. Not everyone, however, sports the idea of the pilot program. Some people believe that online schooling offers some advantages. When schools closed for a long time this will affect students’ vacations. Those days that…show more content…
Students waste plenty amount of time attempting to learn a topic if they are not provided with guidance about what is truly important about the topic. Students come into the self-study with misconceptions; they will play the new information to fit into their current mental model, causing negative training. They will also sometimes misinterpret new concepts as meaning something other than the right meaning. Moreover, the students may not understand the topic well enough to decide what is necessary and what is good to know. Self-study has many issues because without guidance; maybe students could not make the best way to learn. The instructor part in education is very important which cannot be ignored. The instructor will introduce the topic, setting a good foundation for which information that might be confusing, and clearly establishing what is important and what is not. For example, when I was in high school I had a question while I was studying for my exam. The school canceled when the weather changed and became dusty. Therefore, I had to try to figure out the answer by myself, but I missed it up. This was because the question that I did not understand was very tricky and
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