The Pros And Cons Of Selling Human Organs

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The human organ selling market is often controversial. The idea of fighting for one 's country and dying could be considered heroic but in relevance to living or dead organ market, many individuals are discussed. The thought of selling a friend or family members vitals could seem horrid but also leaving their bodies to decompose could possibly be a waste of material that could have been tested to cure the disease that may have killed them. If one can sell or donate blood or plasma, what 's to say they could also sell an organ. Also, in relevance to the living and dead, if that individual does not need it then why would it be considered negative to make profit on it. Whether someone believes in the marketing of human organs or not, one must factor in the positives and negatives of the economic growth, medical benefits, and resourcing that is found when having human organs become a good to buy and sell. Poverty is a large issue in urban and rural areas around the world. Some countries believe in selling human organs and some oppose. The ideology of making a market on human organs as an economic achievement may seem a bit bizarre to the naked eye. Through the knowledge and research, one may change their view. Poor families could find a boost in their personal income through the…show more content…
Controversial idea prohibit the selling of organs considering the negative effects in may have on the current market. If profit is made by selling organs, critics believe their will be a tyranny of murders to make money. This theory may not easily be solved but cautions and requirements may be made in order to make a profit on deceased bodies. A possible solution could be the requirement of hospitalization and investigation to know the individual died naturally or by means of an accident. There is no complete result of what may occur if organ marketing would be available but it should be the choice of said human to help supply themselves or their family with the income needed to
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