Argumentative Essay: Whose Business Is Sex Education?

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Whose Business is Sex Education? This remains to be one of the oldest and most crucial subjects which have been running in our societies for decades. I believe this and other topics alike need to be discussed and taken seriously. Sex education and many other subjects alike it have been the white elephant in the room for centuries. Our unwillingness to shed light on the subjects-- let alone discuss them openly with parents, teachers, students and the government, further complicates the issue more than it has to be. Opposition to the discussions of these subjects, often, but not always, come from the inner religious underlings of our western societies. This inter puts parents in a defensive position over what their children are taught. Teachers also fail to deliver these subjects effectively, and the continuous push by the government over these subjects to reduce AIDS infections, goes on. Fred writes, “more than a million teenagers become pregnant…show more content…
Sex is inevitable in their lifetime, so, telling them the right decisions to make and what to do, is no different than preparing your kid for what is to come. Just like many other things, teaching kids to make the right decisions and telling them about the consequences of bad decisions, does not in itself mean you are normalizing that subject, or encouraging sex, but rather showing them how to do it correctly if the times comes. The very essence of losing "traditional values" comes when the subject isn 't revised for the generation it’s in. This lacks criticism of where it falls behind with its compatibility in today 's society. Not discussing a subject doesn 't preserve it traditionally, that 's shoving it under the table until it’s forgotten. This results in teens doing the very thing you didn 't want them to do, with zero or poor knowledge of safety measures they could have taken to make things easier and
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