The Pros And Cons Of Sex In Schools

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Hook: Vietnam is a developing country so there are many social problems that happen in this country, such as in 1,000 girls aged 15 – 19, there are 46 girls give birth.
Background information: The figure is only 17.4 in Myanmar and Singapore is 5.2 (Phuong Trang, 2014). Another problem is sexual abuse in children. Recently, we have seen on television or read in the newspapers about many cases that children were abused at the age of 8 – 9, some children who were abused when he or she was 4 or 5. These problems need to be stopped in order to develop not only our society but also our country in a high level.
Thesis statement: One of the possible solutions is that we should give students knowledge about sex in schools, which means sex education should be taught in schools.
Topic sentences: First, speaking about teenage pregnancies, according to Ms. Hoa To – Director of the office of Population – Family planning in Ho Chi Minh city, the abortion rate in Vietnam is approximately 300,000 cases per year. The number is alerting.
Support 1: Of which, about 20% of these cases are teenagers (Ngoc Nga, 2013). The thing is, these figures are not exactly the number of teenage abortions because there are many cases, young people who are pregnant come to some unprofessional places to get rid of the baby instead of going to the hospital. Also, each year, in the USA, nearly 750,000 women aged 15 – 19 get pregnant and more than half of those mothers never complete high school.

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