Homosexuals Pros And Cons Essay

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We see them around us constantly, going about their lives in our community, acting as one of us. We see them shopping in our shops, eating at our diners, working in our offices and serving our country, as if they are one of us. But the truth is, we don’t really see them, because they are not one of us. These homosexuals that wander through our streets today are eventually going to bring our nation down, and I worry for our future. Do we, as respectful members of society, willingly want to disobey the teachings of our forefathers and God himself and rather spread these unchristian views upon our children, our future generation? These discussions nowadays by the youth have blinded the thinking of some of our own people. They have allowed it to…show more content…
Is this what they think we are? Sex Perverts? This is what we have been labeled. This is the stereotype we have to bring down. They believed that since homosexuality was a “mental illness” it was perceived to be a “security risk” to the nation as those who conduct “overt acts of pervasion” lacked “emotional stability of normal people”. And because nobody stood up to this offensive and totally absurd idea of homosexuals, more than 4,380 gay men and women had been discharged from the military and around 500 fired from their jobs with the government. And this was even before President Eisenhower issued the Executive Order banning gay men and lesbians from working for any agency of the federal government. Thousands of working men and women were not allowed jobs or fired from their current positions. The discriminatory employment practices have further removed over 5000 gays from federal services and ignited what had recently been called the “lavender scare”. The LAVENDER SCARE! Are we the new communists? Are we the new Reds, threatening the nation of takeover and spreading fear amongst society? I don't know if I should be offended, disgusted or
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