The Pros And Cons Of Sex Trafficking In America

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There are many different forms of slavery still happening today, like workers on farms being enslaved, children and even young adults being forced into unconsenting marriage, and human and sex trafficking being a huge problem in the United States and even the world. Slavery is a such large part of America, even today. It’s the past, and the past cannot be completely forgotten. As an example of the claws that slavery still has on America today, here’s a tidbit of information. “The International Labour Organization estimates that there are 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally. 68% of them are trapped in forced labor. 26% of them are children. 55% are women and girls.”(Polaris) 20.9 million victims, all over the world, mostly female, and portion of them children. All these people, these humans, innocent people just like everybody else, are steadily being forced into slavery, some right now. Is anybody aware that 3,827 people per day are being sold or kidnapped into slavery?

Sex trafficking is one of the many forms of slavery still happening in America today. “Sex trafficking is a crime when women, men and/or children are forcefully involved in commercial sex acts. In the United States, any minor under the age of 18 engaged in commercial sex acts is automatically considered a victim of sex trafficking under the law. Worldwide, it 's estimated that there are 4.5 million victims of sex trafficking.”(End Slavery Now) Sex trafficking is a worldwide problem, but

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