Sexism Persuasive Essay

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For as long as the world has existed there has been sexism. Even after the women rights act was passed in the 1920’s there has still been discrimination against women. Wether it be in the workforce, online, or just out in public sexism still happens. In the year 2018 women should not still be discriminated simply for their gender. Many people wonder as to what would be the best approach to end sexism. I believe the best approach to end sexism is an equality feminism approach. The only way to truly ever get rid of sexism would be to see women as equals and offer women the same resources and training that the men receive to help them succeed. If this were to happen it would show women have the same potential as men and that they just need the proper training. To do this we as a whole would have to find a way to end institutional sexism. So when it comes to looking for a solution an equality feminism would be the best way not only would it show men and women were created equal, for this to happen there would need to be an end to the levels of sexism, in the long run this would be the best way…show more content…
So overall I feel an equality feminism approach would be the best way to go at trying to put an end to sexism. Of course it would not be easy to tackle any problem as big as sexism, but this is a step that must be take. It will have to show everyone of the world that just because one is a different gender it does not make them inferior to that of the other sex. This is something that a differential feminism approach would not fix, because then it would still lead people to believe men and women are not equal. So that is why I believe the best approach to end sexism is by taking an equality feminism
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