Sexual Assault In Liz Seccuro's Crash Into Me

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The outcome following a sexual assault is sometimes referred to as being worse than the actual assault itself (The Hunting Grounds, 2015). Following the assault, the college campus, police, criminal justice system, media, and various other forms of institutions are known to re-victimize these individuals whom have already been previously assaulted. These numerous institutions are suppose to help, and report fairly and justly. Unfortunately that’s not the case in Liz Seccuro’s book, Crash Into Me, or in the film The Hunting Ground. Every single victim experienced a form of revictimization whether that is through false reports in the media, or the college campuses’ failure to report or help sexual assault victims. Other victims could not get their case heard by the college they were attending, were completely ignored by these institutions, or did not have enough evidence to withstand trial in the criminal justice system (The Hunting Ground, 2015).
In addition to that, other victims have experienced various other issues concerning the process after being assaulted. Sexual assault victims are continuously revictimized following their own personal attack. Therefore, the process or the system succeeding a sexual assault needs to be enhanced and improved for victims. This is in order for the victims to feel comfortable when they report their sexual
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Liz was first denied treatment at the medical center on campus, because they did not perform rape kits and was referred to go to a nearby hospital to get tests done. Liz did not have a car, so getting tests done, was no longer an option for her in this instance. By refusal of help in the medical center, this institution subjected Liz to being re-victimized over again because she had to tell her story and be denied help after waiting all day for an
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