The Pros And Cons Of Shaming Penaltiess

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“Punishments intended to shame offenders for wrongdoing, popular throughout history, are once again on the rise” (Reutter, 2015). Shaming penalties attempt to humiliate and embarrass criminals to serve as a deterrence for criminal activity. Shaming has long been associated with methods of social control throughout the world’s history (Golson, 2011). The three main components of the criminal justice system; policing, the courts, and corrections have played a significant role in this social process, predominantly the correctional system and the courts, from which many of the shaming methods were disseminated (Golson, 2011). The earliest human shaming elements were much less formal and often involved society’s citizens policing themselves in…show more content…
The con to the argument presented by supporters of shaming penalties is that though they give numerous points to support their arguments these points are not evidenced based. The pro of the argument presented by opponents of shaming penalties is that they spoke of restoration for offenders and not to label them which may ruin their lives. The con of the argument presented by opponents of shaming penalties is that they like the supporters of shaming penalties lack empirical evidence to support their argument. I however support the shaming penalties though there are not enough evidence to prove its efficacy neither are there enough evidence to prove it is ineffective. Shame and embarrass is not an emotion many want to experience and to avoid shame people will not commit criminal activity as they do not want to be humiliated. Shaming affect the pride of criminals and when combined with other punitve measure can be effective, shaming punish criminals psychologically. The fact is no punishment will be suitable for all individuals, as not even capital punishment is proven to be a deterrence to all. I think shaming will be especially beneficial in punishment of sexual

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