The Pros And Cons Of Sibling Rivalry

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Another point - instead of resting (as is recommended in a heart attack situation), we should physically move around, and actually do something which will use up our energy and the adrenaline created by the fight-or-flight reaction. We can focus on the concrete objects in our immediate environment to ensure that we stay in the present i.e. now and here! Other simple actions, like unwrapping & chewing a bubble-gum, counting backwards from 100 to 1, counting the number of people in the gathering etc., are excellent techniques to cope with the sudden attack. Engaging in something pleasurable, also helps us offset our anxiety and panic attack, since pleasure, anxiety and anger cannot be experienced at the same time. These are incompatible to each other. Sibling Rivalry The term “sibling” refers to children who are related by blood and growing up as a family. It is quite common, though strange, that whenever the word sibling comes up, the word rivalry seems sure to follow, despite the fact that there are many strong sibling relationships between brothers and sisters, who like and enjoy each other’s company. Sibling rivalry has existed since times immemorial. Rivalry is not necessarily a bad thing. It often refers to the relationship between competitors, as between two sports teams. Each team strives to be superior to the other, which is for the betterment of both. They play by rules of fairness, and tend to respect each other even as they try to defeat the other on the
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