The Pros And Cons Of Sickness

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Disability or sick is something most people don’t like to think about. But the chances that you’ll become disabled or sick are probably greater than you realize. And if you are sick and not able to work, the company you work for might be able to help you. Sickness benefits are here to act as a temporary safety net for employees who are not able to work through and it is not their own fault. This helps them to get around until they can find a new job. There are multiple researches done about this topic, which could contribute to our own research. How doctors assess the work ability A study performed by Elsy Söderberg and Kristina Alexanderson looked at how doctors assess the work ability of employees who are not able to work. In most Western…show more content…
These factors include occupation, irreplaceability, sickness absenteeism, personal incoming slimmed down organisation. This research was set within the Swedish workforce, collecting a subsample of 3801 employees who were interviewed by telephone with Statistic Sweden’s labour market survey. Main results found that a third of the response had chosen to go to work two or more times instead of taking sick leave despite of their state of health. Results has shown that the highest presenteeism lies mainly in the care, welfare and education sectors and in individuals with upper back/neck pain and fatigues/slightly depressed (Aronsson). This concludes that members of the occupational group who teaches or provide services have a higher risk being at work than when taking sick leave. Those with high presenteeism will experience symptoms more often than those without…show more content…
The results they have found are aimed by age, gender, residency of individual and socio-economic status. It is stated that the relationship between these factors and sick leave is lacking and can be found in several studies. The highest scientific evidence are showed because of the influence of the social insurance system and disability pension and childhood experience that effect the socio-economic status. Limited scientific results were shown that there are some effects in regarding of divorce and the correlation between unemployment and sick absence which caused insufficient data for the association (Allebeck). Limited evidence also shows that work-related factors have an effect of physically stressful work and moderate evidence that show low psychological control over the work situation. No evidence were found in the relation of marital status or children living at home with sick

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