Effective Hands-On Training

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1. Simulations One of the most effective hands-on training is using simulations. A simulation is a training method that imitates actual conditions, with students making choices that bring about results that mirror what might occur at work. Simulations allow learners to see the effect of their choices in an artificial, risk free environment. However, to depict real-life situations, a company has to invest in simulators. The more identical a simulator is to the actual working settings, the more accurate the simulation training will be. Most companies are constrained by the cost of developing, building and maintaining a simulator. A good example of simulation training is in the aviation industry where airline pilots train in aircraft simulator. A company is well advice to invest in a simulator as a hands-on training method if their employees face high risk situations in their work or…show more content…
Experiential Programs Another hands-on training that help companies established greater organization solidarity and leadership initiative is the Experiential Program. In the experiential program, employees will be opened up to new perspectives and subsequently replicating the practice and evaluating the activities and relating it to real world circumstances. There are a few rules that need to be observed when conducting experiential training. First, the program must be identified or linked to a particular business concern. Secondly, the program has to be challenging enough to remove participants from their comfort zones, yet within the range that will keep their interest strong to appreciate the aim of the program. Additionally, prior to enrolling their employees into the program, the company should be aware of the possible downsides of the program. Since the programs are physically demanding and involved physical contact, the participant’s exposure to risk is high. The risk may be in the form of physical harm or privacy violation and even sexual harassment. 5. Action
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