The Pros And Cons Of Single Life

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In today’s society, the number of single adults is exceptional. An ever-increasing number of Americans are remaining single by decision since they would prefer not to manage the issues a relationship presents. In the article, More People Are Single, and That 's a Good Thing | Opinion by DePaulo, Bella, those who are single or don’t have a partner tend to be more active and outgoing than most who is with a partner. Single life leads them to participate in more activities and gives them more time to enjoy themselves. DePaulo, Bella included that those who are single seem to develop more confidence with their own thoughts and has learned so much from personal experience than those who are married. Some choose to cherish their alone time and is…show more content…
When it comes to living a single life I do seem to enjoy it at times. I feel that there are just no worries or issues of having to deal with someone else’s feelings. Many people just think the married life is not meant for them. Married life has many opposite effects than the single life does. In a married life you have somebody that you 're focused on evidently forever or for whatever length of time that they can endure you. Somebody to love and be adored. Somebody to get physically involved with and have a companion. Somebody committed to spending the rest of their life with you. I am actually in a committed relationship right now where my boyfriend and I we plan to get married in the future. For me what’s great about not living a single life is that you don’t feel lonely at times because there’s always someone there to support you. The married life tend to make me feel nervous about my future. Like having to deal with anything that can possibly lead to arguments and problems. After reading the article, More People Are Single, and That 's a Good Thing | Opinion by DePaulo, Bella and from doing my research I now quite understand why most people chose the single life. I do have to agree with the article that no matter what their “living together apart” lifestyle is, they still seem to be doing fine on their own. As for me, it would be really hard to choose between the marriage life or the single life. But after all, I would prefer marriage over the single life because of so many inspirations I have in
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