The Pros And Cons Of Single-Sex Education

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How many differences are there between the minds of males and females? Are they more different than we believe, or do they actually have more in common? According to some, these differences call for segregation. Recently, a new trend has been coming back, one that hasn’t been popular since the 1950’s; single-sex schooling. Single-sex schooling was brought about originally to be a place where women could succeed in education and leave college becoming more than housewives, and frankly, those views haven’t changed. Several years later, the trend now finds itself coming back in a profound statement, with both it’s raving supporters and upset skeptics. Although the separation of genders seems to solve issues with school romance and a theorized gap between the two in education quality, schools should not become single-sex because of how it disrupts children 's development, shows little results, and the fact that gender isn’t the main issue with learning in the first place. Schools should not become single-sexed because of the way it disrupts children’s developmental growth. Of the cons of single-sex education listed in a 2013 report by Connecticut’s State Education Resource Center, two of the first listed were the promotion of stereotypes and the undermining of gender equality that came with the separation. As well, it mentioned that this single-sex system doesn’t prepare students for work or family life in the real world, as you cannot afford to only work with one gender.
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