The Pros And Cons Of Sir Isaac Newton

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Social media, nowadays, have suprisingly influenced the way people live, act, and and interact with one another. As soon as one wakes up in the morning, one naturally checks his phone for some updates in his friend's life or some new trends on that day. In this new generation, social media ultimately takes over the world and tries to even manipulate people's views towards what the world thinks are appropriate and correct. In fact, in a fast paced world where one lives in, information is transmitted to millions of people in just a split second. This is why people spend most of their time looking for new tweets and checking their newsfeeds without noticing how much time they have used up just by browsing at those insignifiant posts. A social…show more content…
After doing my little research about Isaac Newton, I finally decided to change my profile picture to be Sir Isaac Newton. Only 5 mins has passed, and I already had more than 10 likes with some comments about me going mad or what not. Some friends,whom I recently do not talk to anymore, even texted and chatted me online to see if i am okay or if something terrible has happened to me. I was surpised by all their reactions because that was the first time they texted me with those kinds of questions. Because of the social experiment, I got to interact and talk with my high school friends. It has been a year since I was again able to communicate with them. I now came to experience one of the benefits of social media which is bringing old friends together. When there are benefits, there always are disadvantages. What i came to notice in this generation is that people nowadays are quick to judge when they see something odd and inappropriate as the world dictates it to be. All my friends have asked me the same questions which are "Have I gone mad?" or "What happened to me?" They did not even bother asking me why I changed my profile picture. They all immmediately jumped into conclusions that I may have problems and needs attention from everybody. I find this generation to immediately judge without knowing the reason for something. What the world thinks as odd, everybody sees as odd. Social media has manipulated the way everyone thinks by accepting how media wants us to think and

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