The Pros And Cons Of Sleep Deprivation

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Sleep is the best job performance booster doesn’t cost anything and will give you clear thinking and the energy you need to get ahead in your career. Here are three reasons you should be getting more sleep,
Better judgment. Sleep deprivation will have a negative impact on the part of the brain that controls decision-making and problem-solving. As a result, you could find it harder to remember a client’s name, set proper deadlines or even size up a client’s needs.
Grumpy. If you haven’t had enough sleep you’ll find your moods are irregular and you might find that you are overreacting to comments or to team setbacks. You might not even realize your responses or demeanor are off putting.
Use fewer PTO days. Continued tiredness or sleep deprivation is linked to a higher risk in developing several medical conditions. As well if you are taking too many days off, it could translate to lack of commitment and you could be out of the running for a raise or a promotion.

Wake up early
Waking up early isn’t for everyone, but if you do, it can be the one of the most productive times of the day. As tempting as it might be to jump out of bed at 7:50 and log on to your computer at 8:00 to start working. Don’t. Your body needs time to wake up, in fact about two hours are needed before it can spring into action and perform at a top level.
Getting into a routine of waking up early can help you focus on the day ahead and give your mind and body some time to adjust to the day. Here are some
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