The Pros And Cons Of Smithville Mascots

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There are many sports mascots today that are being accused of being offensive. Smithville is a school that is being questioned as being offensive. Smithville schools have had the mascot of a warrior for about half a century. However, now people are thinking that the use of a warrior as a school mascot is offensive to Native Americans.This is a recent problem that is just now being discussed. This wasn’t a problem when we came up with the name, so why is it a problem now? The Smithville Warriors should not have to change their name. Smithville is positive with using a warrior as their mascot. The quote “It’s a great day to be a warrior,” is said often throughout the school and is used as an encouragement for the students. The school is positive with the name, saying warriors are strong and brave and that everyone should want to be a warrior. The name is never used in a negative way. The problem that Smithville Warriors is offensive…show more content…
The school would have to repaint a lot of the school because of the warrior logos everywhere. The school has also spent a lot of money on products with the Smithville Warriors logo on it. That would all have to be thrown away and would have to all be purchased again with the new logo. The school would be forced to spend thousands of dollars on those things instead of new tools for the classrooms and new computers. The effects of changing the mascot of the Smithville Warriors are all things that would negatively affect the school and everyone involved with the school. It would affect students in school and ones who have graduated on losing the name they have always been. The school would also be forced to spend thousands of dollars on printing new logos. The school doesn’t and never has used the name in a negative way. The Smithville Warriors use their name in a positive way and should not have to change it. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
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