The Pros And Cons Of Smoking Bans

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Tobacco is a lethal product that countries try to reduce the consumption. Around the world, many countries apply smoking bans, but smoking bans’ history is not new. One of the first applications of smoking ban was in Ottoman Empire. Sultan Murat IV banned smoking across the country in 1633 (Cutler, 2007). The punishment for breaking the ban was death (Ibid.). Nowadays smoking bans gain momentum. With a law in 2004, Ireland became the first country in the world which banned smoking in all indoor areas (Page, 2014). Many countries followed Ireland, and many developed countries enjoyed law protection from second-hand smoke (Schmidt, 2007). Smoking bans are great way to reduce second-hand smoke and it should be widened. Second hand smoking can cause some serious problems, including lethal diseases such as cancer, proving that smoking bans has a large effect on public health .7,000 chemicals inside it, hundreds are toxic and around seventy of it can cause cancer (Health Effects of Second-hand Smoke, 2017). Passive smoking causes some serious cardiovascular diseases. People who do not smoke but exposed to second-hand smoke at work or home increasing their risk developing heart disease by 25-30% (Ibid.). Second hand has also big effect on lung cancer. Around 7,300 lung cancer patients, who were non-smokers, lost their lives because of passive smoking (Ibid.). Adults are not the only effected group. Passive smoking causes nearly 34,000 premature deaths every year around non smokers
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