The Pros And Cons Of Social Loafing

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People make decisions about certain issues everyday and not everyone is going to agree with what they decided. These issues can be discussed as being moral or immoral. It can be taken one step further to create the argument why you believe that it is one way or the other, but then you always have to be prepared for possible objections. Objections are a way to think of it differently. I am going to inform you about an issue called social loafing. Social loafing is when you are working on a group project in school and one of the group members isn’t doing their part instead they are just relying on the other group members to do all of the work for them. Curbing social loafing can only be done once the root of the problem has been determined.…show more content…
First and foremost when working on a group project it is important to get some type of contact information for each member of the group weather that be a cell phone number or an email address. Just some way to contact them is essential to working in a group. A simple email, text, or phone call to one of the group members to ask which part of the project they were responsible for or to explain what they need to complete would have saved everyone from a lot of headache. All of the group members would have been more than willing to tell you what the assignment was. Even if you only started working on it the day before it was due. The rest of the group members would rather have you wait until the last minute to even start it rather than to just blow it off and not do it at all. If you are going to wait until the last minute to do it though you need to tell your group members that because if you said you were going to complete it last minute and then chose not to then you are putting all of you in a bind causing them to have to rush and finish it. Being honest with your group members will also go and long way rather than lying to them and just causing more of a

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