The Pros And Cons Of Social Media Marketing

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Introduction Social media marketing or in other words social media advertising is one of the top 21st century marketing methods. Lets begin with social media marketing definition; it refers to targeting customers and potential buyers through social media websites and apps. Which means that anyone worldwide or locally can search and access all the information about your product or company anytime and anywhere. Social media marketing did not exist ten years ago; it is the most important witnessed marketing trend. It is likely to be more important than the AOL site, which was dominant in the early 90s. This type of marketing currently dominates a very important place and it is a communication tool that is vital for most product marketers. “It was expected to make $11 billion in income by 2017. In 2013 the income was estimated up to $6.1 billion” (Karr, 2014). It is a way for businesses to…show more content…
For example it is used to make a customer base and to manage the company’s status.” (Ward, n.d.). Another definition of Social Media Marketing clarified by Investopedia, “it is a way to promote company’s products and services by reaching to new customers and engage with the existing customers using social media websites.” (Investopedia, n.d.). Mashable (2006) also defined and agrees with Investopedia in “ Social Media Marketing is a way to reach and communicate with customers that are main source of revenue for companies by selling brands by awareness and improving customer relationships.” (Freebase, 2006) Also Mashable (2006) indicated “ It is an earned media rather than a paid one because it is driven by the word-of-mouth.” (Freebase, 2006). It means that their products must satisfy the customers which will lead to satisfying customers that will recommend and tell about the product or service to people around them like their friends and

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