The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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When walking down any busy hallway at Ramapo College you are constantly surrounded by students checking their social media accounts. Who posted what? What did the President say today? Did so-and-so see my Snapchat story? The lives of people today are consumed by social media usage. Social media are websites and applications that allow users to make and share content rapidly, productively, and in real-time. Some of the social media websites that come to mind when thinking of recruiting through social media are: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter .As claimed by the SHRM research from 2013, these social networks that are most frequently used for recruitment, are: 94%, for LinkedIn, followed by Facebook with 54%, then Twitter with 39%. Before social media became prevalent, the only reason people gained access to the internet was to check their e-mails. To communicate with others they had to go and meet with one another. Companies and corporations concentrated on using traditional ways to advertise products and services such as: print and tv ads. In today’s world, people have adapted to becoming social online. Social media has made meetings effortless by being able to conduct meetings right from your own home rather than having to meet face-to-face. Everyday more and more companies are investing in different social media platforms to find out which ones can make office activities more efficient. From an HR viewpoint, social media has a major role in employee recruitment. Stated by
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