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Social Media
At this time, social media widely used by the wide community. Social Media is a phenomenon was shocking around the world community. Social media able to unify the world community to communicate and create new thing. This can be seen from the number of people who use facebook, twitter, path, instagra, yahoo and etc so social media able to unify the entire world community.
In 2012 until 2013, social media users are very significant from 12 years old so social media will belong to everyone. People prefer use product with a good brand by having a social media account. This proves that social media serves as marketing, because social media is widely used by industry players. Marketing by using social media encourages us to determine marketing costs. As well as media marketing social media as public relations because many
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Bullying at this time often occurs in social media. This is done to.make someone into down. This can happen because of someone who feels him or her self the greatest among other people around him.or her self so that makes people feel hurt and sometimes the person can experience depression and eventually decide to commit suicide.
In addition to giving a negative impact, social media also have a positive impact on human life. The first poatif impact of social media is widely used by society to facilitate the person in doing the job. For example in sales, we don’t need face to face with the buyer to offer the goods but we can communicate with prospective buyers through the application or via e-mail or more simply said as a means to.promote product.
The second positive impact of social media is to make it easier for us to find friends, because with us using social media we can interact with anyone who both we know and with people we don’t know it also helps us in adding insight by sharing ideas with others. Exchanging thoughts with others you can do either through face to face like video
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