The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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Social Media
At this time, social media widely used by the wide community. Social Media is a phenomenon was shocking around the world community. Social media able to unify the world community to communicate and create new thing. This can be seen from the number of people who use facebook, twitter, path, instagra, yahoo and etc so social media able to unify the entire world community.
In 2012 until 2013, social media users are very significant from 12 years old so social media will belong to everyone. People prefer use product with a good brand by having a social media account. This proves that social media serves as marketing, because social media is widely used by industry players. Marketing by using social media encourages us to determine marketing costs. As well as media marketing social media as public relations because many large companies that use social media as publicity media officially and reach the community with law cost. And the last of social media also said as customer service because there are many companies the service provider that have been using social media as a means to serve customers. This is a cause of why social media currently plays a role for every company from various types of business.
The first pro argument was to keep the near an far closes is an example of the bad influence of social media users. Social media today is very helpful to someone in communication, the social media users can communicate anytime and anywhere home connected to the
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