The Pros And Cons Of Social Media Devices

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Today, more than 40 percent of two-year-olds use some form of mobile device. These parents are allowing their children, most who barely can form sentences, to use these devices and consume the mind garbage on the internet. Every day these children and others use the internet for a range of things, anywhere from research to watching videos. These devices may help children in many ways, but they can also do the exact opposite. As parents keep allowing their children to overuse their screen time, it is causing great damage. Children on devices for an extensive amount of time every day has led to increasing mental health issues. According to an American Psychologist, Jean Twenge, “At two hours a day, there was only a slightly elevated risk of suicide. And then three hours a day and beyond is where you saw the more pronounced increase in those who had at least one suicide risk factor”. Three hours of time on a device isn’t that abundant for many, most kids ages 8-18 spend 7.5 hours a day on their devices. This said, many parents have started limiting the amount of screen time their kids use, but that still is not enough. In a study done by the American Psychiatric Association says the analysis they performed showed that people who used the most social media platforms (7 to 11) had more than three times of a risk for anxiety and depression than the people who use the least (0 to 2). This shows that even sometimes regardless of time spent on devices, using multiple social
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