The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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The world today is a place that technology is very important to people. The Social media networks has made to make life easier by making information available to all and making connections with different people around the world. It is a few sites and applications that support people to communicate with their love ones. People looks very familiar with different social media networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter and so on. It makes us easy to communicate with our friends and families. It has also make lot of people to spend too much time in front of the computer. So that it becomes the center of their lives. This can lead to an Internet or social media addiction. Social media can lead us to many problems.

Social media become an important to every student. Their life now is depends on social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and many more to communicate with each other. That is why, it becomes a basic need to them. As a result, some people argue because of Insecurity, Cyberbullying, Distraction, Stress, Emotional and Peer pressure.

First problem is Insecurity, It is one of the major problems at social media. People posts their status of what 's going on in their life. You end up comparing yourself and your own life with them and think that your life isn 't good enough because of your insecurity. If people in your newsfeed seems to be having a good time, it will make affect your mood negatively. It will affect your life because of your insecurity and cause a
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