The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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What is social media? Social media is mainly a medium that enable people to build relationships and expand their social network circle among people that shares the common interests, opinions, undertakings or even experiences in a virtual world. Social media is something very universal, particularly the common Social Networking Site (SNS) like Facebook (Vogel, Rose, Roberts and Eckles, 2014). It was launched during 2004 and the latest statistics stated that Facebook has roughly 1.39 billion monthly active users now (Facebook, 2014). Not to forget Friendster, the one that triggers the trend of social media. Other common social media also includes MySpace, iTunes, Spotify, Twitter and SnapChat.
Besides the examples given, other type of social media includes video and audio podcasts. Likewise, YouTube allow internet users to either stream or download movies. On the other hand, online games are also one of the social media. Popular games such as Clash of Titans allow players to communicate among each other in the virtual world. The more general social media includes e-mails, instant messaging and video sharing. Due to its convenient accessibilities, social media are not only for entertainment purposes, people even serve it as an approach to do online sales. For instance, like Instagram, people sell fashion wears, shoes and all kind of accessories. Since it is easily accessible, it developed into a device for publicizing. Companies or corporates also uses social media to

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