The Pros And Cons Of The Welfare System

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In 1935 Franklin Roosevelt created the Social Security Act that was divided into two groups of cash provisions: social insurance and public assistance. Social insurances are based on the prior earnings and payroll contributions of an individual, while public assistance, commonly known as “welfare,” is based on the financial need of an individual. (Dr. Jerry Marx 2004). Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) is one of the common welfare programs used. There are limitations for aid to services or vouchers in the welfare reform. However, the transfer of public assistance can “rob Peter to pay Paul” (Dr. Jerry Marx 2004). Meaning citizens of America are paying for low income families to make a living, and some of these families are taking an advantage of the welfare system so they don’t have to support themselves. As long as they make the requirements they’ll keep having kids and live on it rather than trying to make a living. This creates higher taxes for American citizens because so many families just repetitively use the program, instead of striving to be better.…show more content…
However, many others find taxing productive workers subsidizes the less productive tantamount to theft (Joseph Westfall n.d.) Since people will do what satisfies them, or that they don’t have to work to receive benefits, tax payers are worried for the welfare program because they are paying for all the services. This reason is exactly why people are so against social welfare. Taxpayers try to bring the poor to an economic level where they can act by themselves. They believe that welfare should be a temporary needy assistance, but many people use it as a source of income for as long as they potentially
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