The Pros And Cons Of Socialized Healthcare

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I believe as a society we have moral obligation to provide healthcare to all the citizens of our nation. How would that become possible is the question? No matter what we choose as the solution to this problem, there will always be pros and cons. I think the answer is socialized medicine. Can a country like the US have socialized medicine? Yes we can, we are of a few who don’t. The cost of healthcare has been driven up so high that no one can afford it. My employers in Illinois is now insuring only the employee under the benefit plan and the spouse must use their employer, this can equate to much higher cost and employee dissatisfaction. I also see many people who bought plans from the marketplace applying for Medicaid as a supplement because with a high deductible of $15,000 they didn’t realize that they would continue to pay until the deductible amount is met. This is out of control.…show more content…
It shouldn’t be but it is. The reality of this issue is that it requires policy change. Right now we are subject to the same marketplace influences of other commodities. The pro to this argument is that citizens of the richest nation in the world should not go without healthcare. This would also stop medical bankruptcies, improve public health and reduce overall healthcare spending to name a few, (, n.d.). The con argument is this results in socialism and is the individual’s responsibility, it’s not the governments role to secure healthcare and this would decrease the quality and availability of healthcare and increase debt and spending, (,
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