The Pros And Cons Of Sociology

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The study of sociology is such a large study with many subjects to talk about. For instance, a specific topic talked about in sociology is social structure, that of which consists of specific terms like status, role, discredited stigma, discreditable stigma, and so on. One interesting fact about sociology is that every subject, such as the social structure, can either be studied on a macrosociology scale or a microsociology scale, which will further be explained later on. And to top it all off, a very heavily talked about subject in sociology is the types of societies there are, including: hunter-gatherer societies, pastoral societies, horticultural societies, agricultural societies, feudal societies, industrial societies, and postindustrial societies. Let’s start with talking about the different ways in which society can be studied. One way that society can be studied is a by a term known as macrosociology. Macrosociology is where things are a viewed on a large scale. With this way of studying, sociologists like to look at the way the society directly affects and individual. Functionalism and the Conflict Theory, two of the three theoretical perspectives we have discussed in previous chapters, are studied this way. The term meaning practically the complete opposite is known as microsociology. While using this way to study, sociologists like to view how a single individual effects an entire society; symbolic interactionism is studied this way.
Within sociology, we know
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