The Pros And Cons Of Soda Ban

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Being health is very important and there are a lot of unhealthy foods and drinks that can get in the way of staying healthy. The number of obese people is increasing in the U.S. and soda is one of the many reasons for this. But a soda ban is on the best approach for this problem because of it not being the largest cause for obesity. It is not a good idea to try to regulate the amount of soda a person can purchase because it has little to no health advantages, there are too many ways people can get around it, and it has the potential to open the gates to other bans. Although it could help people since it has not been previously proven helpful for people’s health. If a soda ban were to be put into place there would be little to no health benefits making it a bad idea. According to the author in Pro, con arguments on proposed NY sugary drink ban…show more content…
IN Karin Klein’s article “Soda’s a Problem but…” it is said that “Convenience stores such as 7-Eleven are overseen by the statand would be exempt, but Burger King across the street would be restricted.” (Klein,288) This makes it so that someone can’t get their drink from burger King but they could just walk across the street and get as large as a drink as they want at 7-Eleven. That's how easy it would be to get around the ban, a simple walk across the street and you have whatever drink you want at whatever size you want. Furthermore in Samantha Gross article she states “Critics ridiculed the idea that city officials should regulate portion sizes.”(Gross,2) If the government were to regulate portion sizes what is stopping people from just getting two drinks of smaller size. Plus people could go to multiple fast food locations to get drinks and their would be no way for the government to watch everyone’s drink amount. So no matter what people could get as much unhealthy sugary drink as they want without anyone being able to stop

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