Solar Power Argumentative Essay

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Back then, if someone said that the world could be powered only by the sun, they would be mocked by their peers. However, this is not the case anymore. Solar power has been increasing exponentially in the past few years as industries begin to focus on it. Many countries still focus on using fossil fuels as their main source of energy, such as the United States. But what will happen when fossil fuels begin to dwindle? Where will the United States turn to for a new source of energy production? The new source should be clean and have unlimited potential so that there will be no need to find another energy source later in the future. It should be available everywhere so that everyone in the United States can benefit from the utilization of it.…show more content…
The primary reason many people think that solar power will not prevail is because it is often expensive to produce and can only generate so much energy. In recent years, the cost of solar power is dropping and has become more efficient, which makes it lucrative to invest and produce than other potential renewable resources such as hydroelectric and geothermal power. One of the main reasons why the cost of solar power is rapidly falling is with new technological innovations. Xcel Energy, which is a Colorado utility provider, mentions that “some big solar and wind power plants [are] the best choice based on price alone” (Levitan 3). What Xcel most likely means is that while comparing the amount of energy produced versus the cost of building the infrastructure, solar energy has the highest ratio compared to the other viable choices. Although geothermal and hydroelectric power seems promising, solar power triumphs over them with cost alone. This allows production of more power for less money. According to the Environmental Encyclopedia, producing one watt of power costs about 4 dollars, but “think-film cells and
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