Saving Our Planet

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This would leave us with extra resources to dedicate to future discoveries outside of our earth’s atmosphere. The next battle would be to enter the realm of space travel to prepare us for future direct contact. To be successful in the future, we would need to maximize the satellite energy, protect the humans from its dispersion and heal our ozone layer to protect our planet from space debris. Humans are ignorant to others, they have no idea that the earth is observed by many, for its balance and position affects others in the universe. They only interfere with our planet when our actions cause them problems. When it does, they shoot us with their energy. It causes reactions on the planet for mother earth gets hit with their vibrations and…show more content…
While the solar system is in alignment for a brief moment in time, each planet would have to rely on the balance of its neighbours to maintain stability. Humans are ignorant to these calculations, we have never met any other neighbours as we only deal with humans on the planet. We are ignorant to the others in the solar system. Each planet is comprised of unique substances, gases and materials, which would make their existence, or life experience look quite different from ours. The one calculation that is consistent is that the mass of the earth would need to be only as heavy as the gravity of the moon and the energy of the sun were strong enough to suspend the weight to keep the earth stable. Without as much energy from our existing planets and stars and with the added new energies from new planets, ones that perhaps had never been experienced by a human and would need some evolving to adjust to the new frequencies. Everyone evolves daily, we collect the calculations in our life story. We learn from the past, work hard for the future and once we rise to peace, we will find our ways to unlimited places in the Universe. That is provided we open our hearts and minds to the experience. If not, the negative forces upon the earth will increase pressure and threaten our very existence and survival for we will have proven we are unable to adapt and evolve. We needed to learn to respect the balance of others in the universe, if we cannot get along as one race, and respect our planet, where is the hope for a collective future working with other life forms in the
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