The Pros And Cons Of Spanking Children

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In child rearing and disciplining, the use of Corporal Punishment is the most common method of child disciplining, 67% of parents nowadays use corporal punishment as a way of disciplining. 1 Corporal Punishment in child rearing is the use of force that causes pain with the intent to control the child. Mothers are the ones who use spanking the most. Spanking children is a highly controversial act. Spanking children is a violent and offensive practice. Spanking children is a very common practice, which people do because of how they were raised as a child. This causes them to believe that spanking is a viable option for disciplining their children. Spanking also causes children to suffer psychological trauma and that leads them to commit various…show more content…
Spanking also known as corporal punishment has a lot more negative aspects as it has positive. One of them being mental illness and sociological issues. Researchers have conducted their studies and found that a child that is beaten on a daily basis has a 70% higher chance of going towards drugs to escape there stress.3 Spanking also causes tress to the child and this lead them to lying to parents and get into more trouble just to avoid the punishment they will face. Another reason on why corporal punishment has more negatives than positives is the fact that corporal punishment or spanking leads to mental issues as well as psychological issues, when a child is beaten, he gets angry and this rage builds within them and causes them to harm another to relieve themselves this is a psychological issue that many teen faces and is the number 1 reason on why school violence like stabbing and shootings occur. Also, you can put out a fire with fire because what you do is what your children will learn from you, children at a small age look up to their parents. They think and wish that they were just like him so by spankings or beating your child this will ultimately cause them to do the same. Child rearing also leads to child abuse it is said that 75% of child abuser were beaten and spanked as a child, so they take their frustrations and anger out on their own kids and so on.3 As said before many parents who spank their child don’t know the difference between spanking and beating and even if they do they still believe that they are right. So by ending spanking as a whole this will reduce the number 1 cause of child abuse, beating instead of spanking and also family disputes and drug issues among teen in today’s

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