Argumentative Essay: The Use Of Standardized Testing In Schools

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Being successful in school can greatly benefit a student in his or her life. There are multiple ways to be successful throughout school, and there are many techniques that the school can do to help a student learn to his or her best ability. Standardize testing is one of the techniques used in many schools throughout the country. Because of the “No Child Left Behind” legislation, the use of standardized testing has “grown dramatically in the recent years” (Wright). Because of this new legislation, kids are being tested every four years starting in the fourth grade. This new legislation also led to an increase in the use of standardized testing to help students succeed (Solley). Many people are against standardize testing and the effects it may have on students, but standardize testing isn’t necessarily a…show more content…
Because of the creation of the No Child Left Behind Act and the education reform movement, students all over the country are improving their knowledge in subjects due to the usage of standardized testing and is proven by research and evidence. These tests are a way for students to have a better chance at succeeding in their education and in no way are harmful to the student population that takes these tests. One can see by doing a little research that standardized testing in our country is not negative and caused no real harm to students. Yes, it does put some stress on students, but a lot of things do and we cannot only hate the use of standardized testing because of this. This form of testing is needed, as stated before, to improve the basic skills, memory and overall knowledge of our students. By causing students to think harder, they will learn critical thinking, which is a very important skill needed, especially in their
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