The Pros And Cons Of Starbucks Open Carry Weapon Laws

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With recent shootings in America, such as the Las Vegas shooting, the shooting at the church in Texas, and the shooting in a nightclub in Little Rock many people are weary about gun carriers, however many gun carriers are allowed to in some states that allow open carry firearms. One of the largest coffee chains, Starbucks allows and obey the laws by allowing customers to walk in with their open carry firearm. Where is all the controversy coming from, well in paragraph 2, “Forty-three states have instituted "open-carry" weapon laws, which permit gun owners to carry a firearm in plain sight when in public. In some of these states, businesses reserve the right to declare their premises gun-free zones (just as stores have the right to deny service to barefoot customers), but Starbucks allows customers to carry guns in all states where it 's legal.” (2) Customers are upset that Starbucks allows guns inside because when customers walk in they don’t want to see people with guns, because guns and firearms have been depicted in the news as a…show more content…
I believe that due to recent shootings, we as America should do something to put an end to these shootings. I know that the difference between gun advocates versus gun control activists is that gun advocates have guns and know how to use them properly. Donald Trump has stated that to put an end to the shootings is not only due from obtaining a gun, but mental health. I also believe that it isn’t necessary to own a gun unless you’re using. I am torn between both sides, because half of the people feel more safe when they have a gun on hand, and the others feel more safe knowing that no one is in possession of a weapon. If I had to pick a side based on this article, I would say that Starbucks should allow open carry firearm because it is not harming anyone, while it is that state 's law, and Starbucks has the right to obey this law if they wanted
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