The Pros And Cons Of Stereotypes In Disney

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Disney, why is it so attractive to children? Parents thought of this question before, but didn’t find any answer. Many young children grew up watching Disney television shows, films, and even buying Disney cartoon characters. For instance Walt Disney began his company to share love and spread fun for both children and adults. However when gender equality, oppression, and advertising become an issue and fear over the population over those years, Disney has been hit with various claims of taking the difference between male and female, focus desires, and attracting children with amazing advertisements. They have tried to change their stories by making them fit with the new generation and include more modern understanding. Parents should know that children are like sponges; they absorb everything from their surrounding, so parents should sit down with their children and watch these Disney television shows, and films and decide whether to let there children continue watching those things or stop them. From Mickey Mouse, to sleeping beauty, to cars (CASTILLO.2006.para1) they are all common Disney cartoons that can affect children by teaching them stereotypes, Racism and violence. Firstly, when talking about stereotypes people will think directly of girls who keep on watching Disney cartoons and films that mostly includes princesses. Theses princesses can give girls a wrong idea of how they should dress, behave and even how they act as girls. For
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