The Pros And Cons Of Stereotypes In The Military

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Imagine being in a group of people that has been categorized and judged because a couple people decided to ruin the self-image of the group by using negative stereotypes to affect the way the group is portrayed. A stereotype is a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular group or thing. Stereotypes have been around for a long time and have continued to grow and evolve into this generation. Stereotypes are based on a truth but are usually exaggerated. The exaggeration of a truth leads it to become a stereotype and ends up leading to the social categorization of a group of individuals. People in the military have suffered from stereotypes by groups of people. Whether it be personality, appearance or even their grades in high school, just to name a few, people in the military have been through a lot of categorizing. These people die for many and save the nation from enemies, so it 's time for citizens of this country to stop paying soldiers back by stereotyping them and actually know the truth behind the people in the military. Truths, stereotypes, and misconceptions are three very similar words that people get confused on due to the close relation of each word. Truths are different from stereotypes and misconceptions because a truth is obtained by finding that most people in the group act a certain way. As long as most people in the group act like the characteristics described as then the group is not being stereotyped. On the other hand, a

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