The Big Bang Theory: The Creation Of Stereotypes

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Everyone has heard of the common phrase “don't judge a book by its cover”, which comes from the idea of assuming someone is a certain way because they are involved with a certain group. Judging someone based off of prior knowledge of the group they are involved with is called stereotyping. Stereotypes are becoming more common in human communication every day without us even realizing it. Stereotypes are often confused with misconceptions because of their similarity. Misconceptions are based off of no evidence and is completely made up, but a stereotype is at least based off of some truth, even if the majority of that group does not identify with the statement made about them. Women are often stereotyped for their emotional tendencies and are…show more content…
The media also plays a key role in the creation of stereotypes and misconceptions. The Big Bang Theory has three characters that are known as brainiacs or “nerds”. Raj, Sheldon and Leonard fall under the category of the stereotypical socially awkward nerd that everyone seems to think every intelligent person looks like. Not all academically excellent people necessarily wear glasses and suspenders like every “nerdy” character portrayed in modern media. News channels are also known for exaggerating the truth when it comes to politics to gain the reader's attention. The statements that are made are exaggerated and turn into misconceptions because the viewers are lead to believe something that is not necessarily true. Misconceptions and stereotypes can be found anywhere and they are used every…show more content…
Although applying emotions while working in medicine increases your ability to treat your patient correctly. In the national library of medicines online review of the book What Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine by Danielle Ofri, MD,PhD, Julie Nyquist, PhD is in agreement with Ofri that is best to “portray how emotions infuse and affect the doctor-patient interaction at every level.” Dr. Ofri shares many stories of her medicine miracles and how fusing an emotional connection between her and her patient allows her to perform all treatments with a strategic plan. Her need to sympathize with her patients create a connection to help her bond with her patients and allow them to trust her judgement. Emotions are not a sign a weakness they are a sign of compassion and dedication to perform the job correctly by any means necessary. Often times with a career in medicine a doctor needs to deliver heartbreaking news and a patient will want to hear that from a doctor that sympathizes with them and cares about their feelings. Hearing bad news is always more appreciated when it comes from someone that can understand what the emotions you are

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