The Pros And Cons Of Stereotyping

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Nowadays, many of us are being stereotype and prejudice, especially to those who are connected with different kinds of stereotyping. With those different kinds, there are also some studies that shows stereotyping can be overcome or can be avoid, with the help of various medications like psychological medications, and help of other people so that, one’s emotion cannot suffer from stress and depression.

As the quotation says “What we must work toward is an understanding of religious life as a responsible choice by mature persons who are motivated by an adult faith and a loving comment”. Understanding this quotation can lead to another solution for stereotyping because, a person must be a good role model to other people who always do stereotyping.
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Under proper medication, therapy is one of it, this kind of medication can help lessen stress from stereotyping. Likewise, in psychological medications, a physician called psychologist can help an individual to overcome from stress and depression coming from stereotyping, this method they perform can help the individual to lessen the percentage of suicide due to too much stress carried by stereotyping. Also, they can help every person to face social life, and to have more confident about their responsibilities to free away from stereotyping. People can learn not to critic others by noticing that differences are natural, contended by the Association of Psychology in America. Stereotyping is based on insensible prejudice. Therefore, people should make sensible efforts to overawed stereotyping. Stereotypes are displayed at societal, family and individual levels, and they are inspired by attitude, sociological styles, economic forces and cultural practices, emphasizes the said Association of Psychology in America. Furthermore, they can be overawed through significant and honest conferences about race, gender and age differences, in order to adjust societal approaches and

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