The Pros And Cons Of Stereotyping People

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Why do most people stereotype others off of what they see?Many people have different opinions on stereotyping like some think it is the honest truth and others believe its either not that big of a deal or its better to stay within your group.Like for example if a guy that has bad grades or is funny is automatically considered as a jock or an athlete because the ideal jock or athlete or even class clown is reviewed as a dumb person in general. The audience believe this because most of these jock’s just goof around which conclude to having bad grades but other sources say not all are like this and that is well said. In this case, people shouldn’t label others off of what they see because they may be all wrong about their personalities.Not just that but it can hurt a person deeply and you wouldn’t even know about it.Here at DHS, I also believe it is not right to label others off of characteristics like color, race, and their personalities.Someone can also stereotype someone else off of gender, classes, academics, athletes, etc.You can stereotype by race because you are thinking that whites play football, mexicans play soccer, or african

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