The Pros And Cons Of Student Debt

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A college’s main sours of revenue in tuition money which as previously stated, is four hundred percent more expensive than twenty years ago. People who are seeking the traditional path into the work force are forced to pay these crazy high prices and are enticed by a pretty residential life and the thought of new found independents. The reality of student debt have not set in yet. Student debt is at an all-time high with an average of 29,000 dollars per student. Because of the tradition of going to school and the amazing residential lives, it can be easy to recognize the severity of the situation you are putting yourself in. The problem has gotten so bad that protests and gatherings have plagued the nation. Students bedding for help from the government. Asking democrats and republicans to work together to fix the crisis. A very meaningful website has come into creation from this educational disaster. It is called: Student Debt Crisis. It…show more content…
Student loans another. And the third is the value of most university endowments, which is or could be used to relieve Student loans. When I went to the University of Connecticut tuition was $600.00 a semester. Loans were rare and quickly paid off. You now have skyrocketing tuition costs and loans. Totally wrong and unfair. As an example: Yale 's endowment is now $23.9 billion as of June 30, 2014, net of spending. The University benefited from investment gains of approximately $4.0 billion. Yet how many students will be able to EVER pay back their loans that go there. For those reading this, google any college 's endowment value to see what I mean. My daughter has a $30,000.00 student loan to attend UNR. We both make payments monthly, but with interest, it will take 24 years to pay it off. She graduated 8 years ago. The University of Nevada, Reno 's total endowment exceeded $277 million as of June 30, 2014 and returned 19.6 percent. Fair?”
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