Fat Diet Recommendations

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The report give several recommendation about sugar and fat.First,eating fat does not make you fat.Second,saturated fat does not cause heart disease,and full fat dairy is likely protective.Next,industrial vegetable oils should be avoid.Finally,optimum sugar consumption for health is zero.This essay will critique these recommendation from the following aspects.
This report compare low carbohydrate and low fat diet,focus on dietary effect on weight loss.This angle is novel and provide a new direction for further research.Obesity and T2DM are global problems,therefore investigating the reason and factors is meaningful.Another advantage is that the recommendation also mention the label and products contain fat and sugar.It is not confined
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At present, more than 200 million people regularly consume aspartame, women of childbearing age and children are the main consumers.So the heath problem of some sweeteners still need to be considered.[11]The average intake of free sugar in UK is around 11% of total food energy,so that public can reduce free sugar intake as much as possible,but still can not have a diet without free sugar.Overall,the recommendation of fat is easy to reach,while the recommendation of sugar is difficult to
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