The Pros And Cons Of Sugar

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Sugar is everywhere, often hard to escape from. As we focus on cutting out fat we look for low fat foods that often are just replaced with sugar. If we try and cut out sugar from our diet and read labels food industries hide the word sugar into many larger words that we don’t think anything when we see it. The label might say so much sugar but what sugar are you actually eating? These sugars are in ketchup, soups, breads, cookies, and almost all processed food. Manufacturers add sugar to processed food in order to add flavor and preserve other flavors. Of course we can’t say all sugar is bad because a lot of the healthy foods we consume like fruits and veggies contain sugar. However they do not contain an unsafe amount like almost all of the processed food that is out there. While we think the fat consumption is the issue, our livers naturally turn fructose sugar into fat by breaking down sugar just like it breaks down alcohol placing it in different areas of the body. When our liver is converting the sugars to fat, not all of it is removed from our liver meaning the more sugar that is consumed, the better the chance of causing fat build up in our liver causing us to create a liver disease. Which is a major contributor to diabetes, which also can lead to heart disease. Our minds try to trick us when we consume sugars like fructose. It tells us we are still hungry eat more. It is essentially creating an addiction to the sugars within the processed foods we eat. I feel

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