Disadvantages Of Suncreen

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Sunlight has UV photons that we humans can’t see but can damage our skin. There are UVB rays and UVA rays, UVB rays are short wavelengths and don’t get deep into our skin so they are the main cause of sunburn + skin cancer but UVA rays have a longer wavelength and go deep into the skin and are the cause of early aging. (1)

The Sun can Harm us because the sun emits dangerous UV rays, luckily the ozone layer absorbs most of these UV rays but the ones that do get to the surface can be dangerous to our skin and can cause Sunburn and ,in worse cases , Skin cancer. SunBurn is reddening,swelling of the skin and can cause blistering and peeling of the skin, when you spend a long time outside on a sunny day and you are exposed to UV rays our
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Some of the ingredients can be toxic some cannot protect you against UVA rays

Some of the ingredients in Sunscreen are said to be dangerous for your health. It’s said that they go into the skin and then enter the bloodstream, then affecting your natural hormones. One example of this is the ingredient Oxybenzone in Sunscreen , which absorbs UV rays, and it can affect your hormones and disrupt them and can be especially bad for pregnant women because it is said to lower the baby's weight. 9% of Oxybenzone goes into your bloodstream when you apply your sunscreen. (6)

Although some ingredients are dangerous in sunscreen, sunscreen does way more good than bad. High factors of sunscreen prevent bad burns and give you a way lower risk of getting skin cancer, it is efficient and not expensive and keeps your skin healthy. Sunscreens limitations are little , of course it wears of and some UV rays do reach the skin, it is definitely better than wearing no sunscreen where your skin gets burnt and damaged and in extreme cases can get skin cancer like melanoma which is an extremely dangerous cancer. My concerns for the future of sunscreen is that people will add more and more chemicals to try make a stronger and better sunscreen and end up making a sunscreen that protects you from the sun but gives your skin new dangers just as bad as being exposed to the sun's UV
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