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Have you ever wonder how would it be to be extraordinary? To get out of our daily routines, and go discover new things and save lives. Well, that is what superheroes do on the daily basis other then having a family and work. As a child you see all Marvel, Imagine Comics, Dark Horse, IDW Comics and D.C. Comics super heroes having wonderful powers like flying like superman, running fast like the flash, being invisible like Violet Parr, or ever mind control like Professor X. But why limit yourself to one superpower? That is why I choose, super mimicry. Super mimicry is the ability to absorb any kind of super power as long I see them being used.

I think that this super power is very cool because I can have more then one power and use them all at once. I can be fast as the flash, strong as hulk, breath underwater like aqua man, etc. Not only I can beat them in their power but also I can use other powers to have a greater advantage in a fight. I could also use one super power to fill another superpower. For example, a villain has trapped me in a vacuum. If I want to get out of there and use fire to do so, I couldn 't because there would be no air. So, I would first fill up the room with air (like a plant) and then use it to blow up the vacuum with fire (light a match) and use
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But what are the disadvantages to having so many of them? Just as an electronic device, having many apps or information collected can cause a malfunction in your system or an overload. Instead of helping each other in their weaknesses, they could bring each other down. Like having super strength could mean to have heavy muscles and that would have me slow down my super human speed because of my weight. Another disadvantage could be to not use my power to the fullest, not being able to control what powers I want or not want to absorb. For example, wanting to trigger releasing fire but accidentally I freeze everything

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