The Pros And Cons Of Supermax Prison

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I believe it is pretty much safe to say if an inmate is sentenced to supermax housing, a no-frills prison or jail he or she will spend whatever is left of their natural lives within that correctional facility. And, the probability of parole or release is non-existent. In that event their best out is to conduct themselves according to the rules and regulations of the correctional facility that they are housed. Providing inmates with privileges and amenities is a means of controlling and motivating good behavior. Some would argue that providing privileges and amenities do not affect the behavior of an inmate at all. No-frills efforts may have a variety of intended and unintended effects including impacts on recidivism, corrections costs and workload, security, and inmate management (Finn, 1996, pg. 35-44). However, some correctional staff agree that allowing incentives take away inmates urge to fight or argue with other inmates and lessens opportunity for inmates to become cruel and combative towards the staff. This week’s text revealed that offenders spending more than six years in a supermax prison, will suffer from mental illness. Long term solitary confinement promotes anger, confusion, and depression within inmates (Schmalleger & Smykia, 2015). Nevertheless, there are no studies that support the claim of confinement causing mental illness. If a person causes harm to any innocent victim for any reason and is convicted of the heinous crime(s) he or she should be sentenced
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