The Pros And Cons Of Supply And Demand

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The supply and demand are the two concept used by economists in most cases well good reason. Supply and demand are the forces that make the commercial market economies. It is the quantity of each good producing countries and determine the price that is sold. The Middle East and one of the fastest growing consumer demand for tobacco products, especially cigarettes. With young people, and rapid growth of the population, where smoking is unacceptable low level of awareness of cultural health effects of tobacco consumption is high. Consideration of the request of tobacco products. How do you decide how much to buy tobacco products each week, and what are the factors that influenced the decision? There are some answers that may give. First, the price is one of the factors that carried out the demand curve. If the price of tobacco products rose to 70 R.O, and the purchase of tobacco products less. That 's what I mean, when you increase the price of tobacco products, the demand for this product will decline. (Inverse) relationship, because the required amount of falling prices higher and higher with a lower price, we say that the quantity required is linked to the negative price. When other factors constant (fixed). International conventions has led to lower tobacco prices, leading to increased demand for tobacco that will be used for the state to raise the tax on tobacco to avoid lower prices, which will lead to reduced demand for tobacco in spite of the presence of obstacles in

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