The Pros And Cons Of Sushi

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Do you like healthy food? But it doesn’t fit your tastebuds? Do you know that bugs are healthy and delicious at the same time. It might seem gross and nasty, but if you like to eat healthy and it don’t taste the best then you should try to eat bugs. Restaurants around the world has bugs or insects on the menu to eat. The U.S should have bugs on our menu. Bugs should be on the menu because the are nutritious and they help the environment. In other country’s, restaurant’s have bugs on the menu for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. If other states have them, why don’t we. We don’t have bugs on our menus because people do not like them and think the are ugly and nasty, but bugs are nutritious and they are better on your taste buds to. If your trying to be healthy and the foods you eat don’t taste so good, so why don’t we try putting bugs on the menu. For example, it states in "WOULD YOU EAT THIS?" by Kristin Lewis, "Plus, insects are highly nutritious, and studies show that eating them is easy on the environment."
When sushi came out in the U.S, Americans didn’t lie the idea of eating raw fish, but look what sushi is today and people like it. To demonstrate, it states in " WOULD YOU EAT THIS" by Kristin Lewis, "Then again, when sushi first arrived in the U.S., many Americans were grossed out by the idea of eating raw fish. Now, there are more than 4,000 sushi restaurants across the country—it’s a $2 billion industry!" So if we gave sushi a chance, why not give bugs a chance.

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