Sustainability In Urban Transportation

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1. Introduction Urban transportation is one of the most important areas in transport market, which includes mainly ground modes of transportation and serves to satisfy humanity’s everyday demand in mobility. One of the most significant issues has to be solved in urban transportation is providing of harmless and economically reasonable mode of functionality which shall satisfy a government as well. This hardly achieved aim can only be reached by providing sustainable development of urban transportation sector. Sustainability itself refers to the long-term maintenance of this specific system regarding political, economic and environmental considerations. In other words, we need to make sure that next generations will not face the problems…show more content…
3) It tends to reduce the emissions and waste within the planet’s ability to absorb them, uses renewable sources of energy, and uses non-renewable resources at or below the index of development of renewable alternatives. 2. Three circles of sustainability As we distinguished above, sustainability includes three important indicators of successful implementation of this approach, which are: Political, Social, Economical. In Appendix 1 we can see the illustration which describes what is sustainability in graphical view. Sustainability can not only be a positive but a negative too. Paul James (2015) declares: Positive sustainability can be defined as practices and meanings of human engagement that make for lifeworlds that project the ongoing probability of natural and social flourishing, vibrancy, resilience, and adaptation. (p. 23) Some authors describe sustainability as a “flat” term which is overweighed in the society. These highly educated people prefer to use the term ‘resilience’ as a description of stability for us and our descendants, but on the other hand this term carries some…show more content…
Bearing in mind our topic about urban transport, we hardly can say something about urban transport culture, so the cultural indicator can be excluded. Nevertheless, some people say about the public transport culture as a strong part of their cultural self-determination. One example can be mentioned. In Japan, due to the Japanese way of thinking, in case of significant delay of trains, conductors apologize to every passenger personally including bow, but this fact can be treated as an exception in transportation system. There are even some subcultures within the general culture definition, but they have no

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