Sustainable Energy: Wave Power

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Sustainable energy has been a world wide topic of interest for many countries, with each having various attempts and different approaches to this subject. However, amongst the vast selections of studied energy sources, one is the most sought out to be the subject of interest. This source is wave power. Wave power is the transport of energy by ocean surface waves, that energy is then captured and put to do useful work. Waves travel large distances across oceans at high speeds. The longer and stronger the wind blows over the sea surface, the higher, longer, faster and more powerful the sea is. The energy excerpted by a wave is proportional to the square of the wave height. For example a two meter high wave carries four times the power…show more content…
This machinery is known as a wave energy converter. Wave power devices, in essence, gather the energy from the surface motion of ocean waves or from pressure fluctuations below the surface (this is the key difference between wave power and tidal power). Wave power devices are commonly categorized by the method used to capture the energy of the waves, their location, and their power take-off system. The locations are in the shoreline, near the shore, and off the shore. When considering wave energy as a technology type, it is crucial to know the four most common…show more content…
Gathering energy from waves is a clean and renewable process that poses a huge potential. In addition, different from fossil fuels, creating power from waves creates no harmful byproducts such as gas, waste, and pollution. The energy gathered from waves can be taken directly into electricity-producing machinery and used to power generators and power plants. In today's modern times it is hard to come by a clean source of energy that does not harm the environment. Taking advantage of only the waves no greenhouse gas emissions or water pollutants are created. Consequently, because of its source and because of its process, the dependence on foreign companies for fossil fuels can be reduced. However, this can only be achieved if energy from wave power can be extracted to its maximum. Not only it will help to curb air pollution but can also provide green jobs to millions of

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