The Pros And Cons Of Sweatshops

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Working environments are not getting any better for low-wage workers they are starting to get less attention from the government and they are turning into sweatshops. “A "sweatshop" is defined by the US Department of Labor as a factory that violates 2 or more labor laws.” and most of these have more than two violations other problems with working environments is that the workers are understaffed for certain jobs or do not have proper training to do the necessary job at hand and this can result in injuries and possible death Most working environments that are non-safe are sweatshops they are usually factories or small or mid-sized buildings that house up to 200 people at once and they are forced to work long extensive hours up to about 16 hours a day and sometimes they don 't let people leave to go home. women and children are usually the people that are found in the shops because they are small and you can fit more of them into small and cramped spaces most leave the shops looking much different than before damaged clothes missing hair and in extreme cases missing body parts The majority of child laborers are found in Asia and the Pacific. Sub-Saharan but the U.S has its fair share or sweatshops big money making companies like Adidas and Nike among other shoe companies have been caught with affiliation with sweatshops to “Save Money” while these companies are smart enough to not have the shops in the U.SA they still got backlash from the public. There are also companies
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